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Improve many aspects of your life - your health, mental functioning, sleep, mood, and cognition. Try one today! Most popular light and sound machine used by professionals The only Light and Sound machine with patented dual frequency brain stimulation, dissociation, brain frequency tracking and music modulation sessions. Mind Alive is the absolute number one in Light and Sound technology, research and Safety !
Excellent support- We have excellent product support by mail and telephone. Mind Alive will help you with all your questions regarding this wonderful product. Money back guarantee | If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you can return your order for a refund. You can return your purchase for up to 30 days from the purchase date.
Tested Sessions - Our sessions have been thoroughly tested and are designed based on most current research findings to ensure you the most effective results. The sessions on the DAVID Delight Pro are supported by research articles. Mind Alive has been designing and manufacturing mind enhancement products for 30 years, and has conducted extensive research in that time, continually revealing new applications for this ground breaking technology.
Mind Alive products - can help you improve many aspects of your life - your health, mental functioning, sleep, mood, and cognition. 30 day money back so no reason to doubt, improve your life, your best investment ever, Get one today!

"I am thrilled to have this amazing device. I use it twice daily myself and also use it on most of my clients! I regard it as a leading tool in transforming your life!"

Anne O'Loughlin, Hypnotherapist

DAVID Delight


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Be Better with Mind Alive

Easy setup

The Delight is easy to setup with 5X2=10 preprogrammed sessions, energize, meditate, brain booster, sleep and feeling better. It takes a few seconds to setup and a sessions takes around 20 to 40 minutes. Plug in the headphone and eyeset, select your program, put on the headset and eyeset and enjoy your AVE session.
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Catherine Garceau's experience

Olympic Medalist and Author

"I was feeling calmer, I gained more resilience dealing with stress in life, I even watched my eating habits more and more normalized".

Kristin Bowers's experience

Neurofeedback therapist and licensed counselor

"Because of the portability and the effectiveness it really became a primary tool that I use in my practice."

Be your better self

Tune your brainwaves


These sessions are a great way to get going in the morning. Use them as a caffeine-free burst of energy. Try Super Energizer for more energizing results.


Relax with these sessions to recharge your mind and reduce your stress. Use Alpha relaxer to help produce healthy alpha waves. Use Schumann Resonance for an even deeper meditation.

Brain Booster

These sessions help improve your concentration and memory. Alpha to SMR/Beta is more stimulating and particularly effective for those with ADD/ADHD.


These sessions help guide you from restless wakefulness into sleep. Paradise is for those with busy minds and tense bodies. Serenity is most effective for busy minds and relaxed bodies. Start with Paradise first and move to Serenity as needed.

Feeeling Better

These sessions settle down negative thoughts while boosting happiness. They are best used in the morning, but may be used at any time. Meditation with Mood Booster has a relaxing introduction to calm generalized anxiety.
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Find your session

Personal profile questionnaire

The Delight comes with a questionnaire. The purpose of this questionnaire is to give you a sense of how your stress level, sleep patterns, nutrition, and other factors may be influencing your mind and ultimately your quality of life. By quantifying your concerns, this questionnaire can illuminate certain areas which may require adjustment, and help you to decide which AVE stimulation category will be of most benefit to you.

Katie seems notably calmer

Katie, who is normally quite anxious, seems notably calmer and is definitely sleeping better. We didn’t mention to her teachers that we were trying this. We received an email from Katie's special-education teacher, which arrived completely unsolicited early last week stating that she was impressed with Katie during problem solving and can see that she has come a long way in other areas. This is the first time we've had such an email from her.
- William F. Laurance, father of Katie

This technology is a life changer

AVE Cured my clinical insomnia pretty much overnight! From 1½ hours of on/off sleep per night (due to chronic pain) to 8-9 hours per night, from the first night I used my DAVID AVE device to get my sleep started as well as re-started on occasion. The deep delta frequency sleep sessions were giving me amazing and very deep mainly dream-less and restorative sleep! The regular use of both daily alpha, Dreamy theta meditation and occasionally Beta (for focus) sessions, plus great Delta sleep sessions at night, over a few weeks... In my experience this technology is a life changer and getting the use of one would be a no-brainer (pardon the pun) for anyone that tried even a 15 minute Quick Alpha session. 🍀
- Martin Flink

DAVID keeps me in 'mental' tune.

I use the DAVID to keep me on task and make me, as a day trader investor, at the top of my trading performance. There are mental trading coaches who address the same problems but it takes 3 to 6 months and costs thousands of dollars. Using the DAVID, I was able to get to that place in a couple of weeks and using the DAVID keeps me in 'mental' tune. I use my DAVID every day
- Carl Dixon

Your Brainwaves Respond To The Flashes

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Brings You In A Deep Meditation-Like State

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Boosts Cerebral Blood Flow

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Increases Neurotransmitters

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Improve Inattention and Impulsivity

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How to choose your eyeset?

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1 / 4
DAVID Delight Light and Sound therapy machine, Brain machine by Mind Alive
2 / 4
DAVID Delight Light and Sound therapy machine, Brain machine by Mind Alive
3 / 4
DAVID Delight Light and Sound therapy machine, Brain machine by Mind Alive
4 / 4
DAVID Delight Light and Sound therapy machine, Brain machine by Mind Alive
DAVID Delight Light and Sound therapy machine, Brain machine by Mind Alive
DAVID Delight Light and Sound therapy machine, Brain machine by Mind Alive
DAVID Delight Light and Sound therapy machine, Brain machine by Mind Alive
DAVID Delight Light and Sound therapy machine, Brain machine by Mind Alive
"I use Mind Alive products, both personally and professionally, at our center. Dave and his staff are amazing and knowledgeable in the field."
Kyle Ferroly Ph.D in Psychophisiology

DAVID Delight Light and Sound therapy machine, Brain machine by Mind Alive


✔ 100% Money Back Guarantee


Fall In Love With Our DAVID Delight Or Your Money Back…

Here’s the deal: When you receive our products, we have a simple promise: fall in love with it within 30 days or you can get your money back.

There’s absolute no-risk in giving our products a try.

The countdown for the refund policy will begin on the day you receive your product and expires 30 days later.

*Minus shipping & handling, when applicable.

1. Your EEG activity is being altered – As the AVE frequency changes, so does the frequency in the brain – it’s that easy! For example, our Feeling Better sessions re-stabilize brainwaves by suppressing left frontal alpha while boosting right frontal alpha to normal levels.
2. You are being dissociated – When using AVE, you get drawn into the present moment and let go of thoughts relating to your daily hassles, hectic schedules, paying bills, worries, threats or anxieties and stop the unhealthy mental “chatter.” Dissociation involves a “disconnection” of self from thoughts and body awareness, as is experienced during deep meditation. Dissociation begins in four to eight minutes from properly applied AVE.
3.Your limbic system is being stabilized – Your body is calmed, your breathing becomes rhythmic, your hands warm and your muscles relax.
4. A number of neurotransmitters are being produced – People with depressed mood have low levels of serotonin and norepinephrine. AVE boosts brain levels of serotonin, and norepinephrine to improve overall well-being.
5.Your cerebral blood flow is being increased – CBF is associated with many forms of mental disorders, including anxiety, depression, attentional problems, behavior disorders and impaired cognitive function. CBF tends to lower as we age often causing cognitive decline. People experiencing depressed mood usually have lower levels of CBF in the left frontal and prefrontal lobes.

AVE uses eyesets to flash lights at the eyes and headphones to pulse tones to the ears at various frequencies from 1 to 25 Hz to influence brainwave activity. The brain speeds up or slows down to follow the stimuli.

It depends on what you are using the DAVID for and what results you want to achieve. Typically people will use the DAVID every day or every other day. But you can use more often if you like. There are many who are using an SMR session in the morning and a relaxing Schumann session in the afternoon or evening. You can use a session before retiring for the evening or run a session in the middle of the night if you have awoken but are having difficulty falling back to sleep.

This depends greatly on how often you are using AVE and what you are using it for…Different people using AVE for different purposes will see varied results. Some people notice results after one use! But typically people using AVE five times per week notice significant results in two to four weeks.

Our brains produce “sweeping” electrical charges. These charges create a rhythm know as brain wave patterns. These patterns are observable through electroencephalograph (EEG) instruments. EEGs record and measure large amounts of neurons firing in unison. Brain wave patterns are commonly grouped into four different categories: beta, alpha, theta and delta. Each of these brain wave patterns is associated with various states of mind.

Beta waves are quick, low amplitude waves of 14 to 40 times per second (Hz). Beta brain wave patterns are generated naturally when in an awake, alert state of consciousness. Beta waves are produced when you perform any task that requires you to concentrate.

Alpha waves oscillate between 8 and 13 Hz. Alpha waves occur during sensorial rest (eg. when the eyes are closed), intellectual relaxation, deep relaxation, meditation or quietening of the mind. Alpha waves are the desired results of meditators. Traditional methods of meditation may require 10 years of practice to produce good alpha waves.
Alpha brain wave rhythms produce:
(1) peaceful feelings
(2) warm hands and feet
(3) a sense of well-being
(4) improved sleep
(5) improved academic performance
(6) increased productivity in the workplace
(7) reduced anxiety
(8) improved immune functioning
It is believed that many creative geniuses, such as Einstein, were in a semi-permanent alpha state. Most of these insightful people had poor grades in school and were thought to be slow learners. Perhaps they were too busy creating to pay attention in class.

These sessions are the Schumann Resonance and the State Five Meditation. At the Alpha/Theta border (7 to 8 Hz), exceptional insights and personal transforming experiences happen. Anger, resentment or buried, troubling memories from childhood dissolve more quickly.

Theta waves are between 4 and 8 Hz. This is commonly referred to as the dream or “twilight” state. Theta is associated with hypnogogic states, REM and dreaming. Memory development is enhanced in this state. In the theta brain wave state, memory is improved (particularly long term memory), and access to unconscious material, reveries, free association, sudden insight and creative ideas are increased. It’s a mysterious, elusive state of mind. For a long time researchers couldn’t study this brain state because subjects had difficulty maintaining this state for any period of time without falling asleep (which generates large amounts of theta).

This rhythm is observed when in a sleeping state. As we fall asleep the dominant natural brain wave becomes delta. Delta waves are the slowest of brain waves spanning from 1 to 4 Hz in frequency. There is growing evidence that individuals may maintain a slightly conscious state while in delta.
All brain wave states serve important mental functions. However, research has shown that the natural, healthy alpha rhythm is very close to 10 Hz. In today’s lifestyle, the return to a peaceful, mind/body way of being has become difficult to achieve and maintain for any period of time. This difficulty causes disease, maladies and disorders in the body and mind. This is why it is so important for us to relearn or retrain our brains to get back to higher levels of alpha. Slow alpha, alpha/theta border and theta can indicate slow brain wave mental disorders. Closed-head injury, fibromyalgia, and cognitive impairments all contain excess levels of these slow brain waves.

When you begin your session, adjust the intensity (brightness) of the eyesets to a comfortable level. A brighter intensity level creates more vivid colors and “sharper” patterns. Be careful, however, not to overstimulate. Children and people susceptible to headaches should be careful to keep the intensity lower. Again, the more comfortable your experience, the better your results.

With the Viewhole Eyeset you can use your DAVID with your eyes open while sports training, to increase reading comprehension, to enhance your biofeedback/neurofeedback sessions, and help with phobia desensitization.

With the Multi-Color Eyeset you can have six extra colors in one eyeset! In addition to the standard white, you can now experience blue, cyan, green, yellow, red and magenta. You can also select separate colors for each visual field and random color selection.

  • Blue - Calming and relaxing. Best for deep meditation or sleep. Use with Meditation or Sleep categories of sessions.
  • Cyan - Enhances entrainment while still being calming and relaxing. Use with any session.
  • Green - Effective for pain reduction and meditation. Use with Alpha and Schumann sessions (7-10Hz).
  • Yellow - Improves cognition and focus. Use with Beta, ADD and Brain Brightener sessions (14-20Hz).
  • Red - Increases physical arousal and energy as well as cognition and focus (to be used with caution as it can trigger anxiety). Use with Beta and Energizer sessions (14-20Hz).
  • Magenta - Enhances creativity, imagination and contemplative meditation. Use with Theta sessions (4-7Hz).

  • Over the last twenty years, we have observed that using the blue or a blue-green blend setting on the multi-color eyeset helps for inducing a good night's sleep and onset of sleep and deeper sleep. This was originally discovered in our 1992 pain study by Gagnon and Boersma. Since then, thousands of people have benefited from using blue or blue-green blends to improve their sleep. Use blue light on the left and green on the right.

    Often, when using sessions that use an alpha and/or theta frequency (5 to 7 Hz), the user will fall asleep easily. If you want to prevent this, combine a CD (or an audio-cassette tape) of relaxing music with your session, or when lying on a bed, hold your hand up while allowing your elbow to rest on the bed. As you drift into sleep, your forearm will fall. This action will allow you to realize that you are falling asleep. Something in the room which generates occasional sounds may also help to keep you in the awareness zone.

    All of our products are covered by a one-year warranty for parts and labour on all defects.

    Customers are responsible for all duties, taxes, and brokerage fees as calculated and charged by the carrier.


    "I have struggled with life-long anxiety due to ACE's (adverse childhood experiences). The very first time I used the Delight Pro I felt better - i.e., more calm and less "reactive". I have continued to improve and feel more at ease than I ever have. My wife and daughter use the Delight Pro for sleep issues and it is the most effective thing they've ever tried. I also use it to assist with learning new music (I play classical guitar). Specific sessions included are specially designed for just the purpose of improved learning. Cool! This is a truly unique device! I can hardly recommend it more."

    - Marshall Hewitt

    "Last night I slept straight through for 8 hours without any medication or supplements, whereas last week I was only able to get 1 to 5 hours a night with access to every medication and supplement known to man! So, I can’t wait to tell my family, friends, x-patients and the world about this incredible find."

    - John Kelly

    "I have been using the Mind Alive for the past few months and found the device to be very helpful with my anxiety and sleep problems. I felt the calming effects almost immediately and was able to reduce my medications within a couple of weeks, I have recommended it to friends and family."

    - Kevin P.

    "I honestly cannot live without my DAVID Delight. I've been able to share this device with others. My husband is a 23 year veteran of the Air Force and works with Veterans coming home from war. This would be so valuable to so many PTSD vets to help ease pain and depression and regain their mental focus. Its helped me with depression and fibromyalgia pain, as well as my ADHD. Thank God I found out about this amazing company!"

    - Dorothy John

    "My daughter is autistic with severe PTSD. After being traumatized over a five-year period in our local school district, grades 6th thru 10th, my daughter became a prisoner in my own home. Due to her severe emotional and social anxieties, we were unable to go anywhere. We were all prisoners. The brain training system was our last hope as drugs and therapy was useless. Within 7 days I began to see a relaxing in her demeanor. She wanted to go shopping and was able to sit in the front seat of the car. By 20 days, we were able to take her to the hospital for removal of her wisdom teeth. At 30 days our neighbors and friends could see a visible difference in her facial features and vocalizations. After using the device there is a darkness that has lifted from our daughter. We have a long way to go but we are now on a path heading in a positive direction. I too have been using the device and it has helped relieve the stress that has filled my life for the past 7 years. The device will be a welcomed part of our lives for as long as necessary."

    - Jessie P.

    "I had seen the DAVID Delight device and wanted one for several years to help with sleep issues, but simply could not justify the price…or so I thought. Also a concern was whether it actually worked, was it medically safe and was it simply a psychological “trick” or gimmick. On 6 October 2015, I sustained a fairly severe concussion and subsequent intense headaches, so intense I missed work for weeks and when I finally did return to work, could only stand to do so part-time for over a month.
    I had intense headaches, sleep loss, mood swings and memory loss. So though not specifically mentioned in many places for treatment of concussion issues, I decided between my meditation practice, my sleep issues, my aversion to chemicals and my desire to alleviate the pain at almost all costs, I invested the money in the device. While the device certainly has helped at all levels, specifically, in regards to the concussive symptoms, I found varying my focus on the “images” or patterns presented by the glasses, my symptoms of pain and nausea started to lessen and then disappear within only two uses of the device. Within 4-5 days I was going several hours without pain and could fall asleep within 20 minutes. I have now been using it for 7 months. My eye therapy (I had a vestibular alignment issue from the concussion) progressed much faster than my therapists had anticipated. It’s also important to note that I am a very physically active person with a very high pain tolerance. Over my lifetime, and mostly in my early to late teens, I have been in the ER more than 15 times for broken bones, burns, severe cuts and dislocations, mostly sports related. I also grew up on a farm and worked in construction most of my twenties and thirties. I say this only to give “credibility” to the fact that I am not one who succumbs to minor injury, annoyances or physical discomfort. The pain that this device alleviated for me would be classified as severe to debilitating for most people."

    - Brent Hugo

    "I ordered the DAVID a little less than a year ago and have had profound results! I am a wellness facilitator, stillness/meditation instructor and personal development coach. My passion is helping individuals overcome depression and other mind-related limitations to live well. I have been working closely with one of my clients who is using the DAVID to overcome depression. After four months of use, she is ready to stop her depression medication completely! She has transformed in a number of ways and is almost unrecognizable from the person she was a few months ago. I am a true believer in what this technology can do for humanity!"

    - Joy Kingsborough

    "We have used the Mind Alive audio-visual stimulation (AVE) devices with every patient who is enrolled in our BrainAdvantage program. This program is a form of neurotherapy which employs blood flow biofeedback to increase the blood supply to the frontal lobes, thereby increasing neural connectivity and improving brain function in all kinds of different conditions, from ADHD to depression and anxiety to traumatic brain injury. Audio-visual entrainment is an important part of the program. We find that it calms both hyperactive children and hyperanxious adults, so that they can then actually participate in the remainder of the 90-minute sessions. In fact, the AVE devices are often prescribed for our patients to take home with them, to help them deal with their severe anxiety and insomnia without having to use drugs. The patients often continue to use the equipment, even after their formal therapy has come to an end, as a non-medication means to help them deal with the every-day stresses of life which they previously found so overwhelming. For the depressed patient who is incapacitated with anxiety, the AVE device has been a godsend – successful in reducing anxiety beyond my wildest expectations. We use primarily the ALERT. Pharmaceuticals may calm anxiety, but at what cost? Brain fog, depression, loss of cognitive abilities are only a few of the side effects that people can experience. The Mind Alive AVE devices leave the pharmaceuticals groaning in the dust. Initially we included AVE because we thought that it would play a small role in some patients. Now we use it on every patient (except those with photic induced seizures) as a hugely significant part of the therapy."

    - Dr. Martha Grout

    "I heard about AVE from Mr. Krish Srikanth in India. I bought it from him while I was in India. For my migraine issues and for focus and increase in memory, alertness and awareness. My son is in the Swim Team and has started using it ...his lack of focus and issues with being irresponsible have been resolved to a large extent. Deep gratitude for all your efforts in making AVE so easy and mobile (bag it and move).God Bless You for alleviating human suffering and worries."

    - Deepa Somani

    "During more than 30 years of biofeedback experience I have utilized a variety of interventions with clients experiencing migraine or vascular headaches. Many of these interventions, including the standard muscle relaxation and temperature training protocols, were moderately successful but depended on strict adherence to home practice schedules, self-monitoring and dietary restrictions. I did not see impressive results until I began using EEG biofeedback in the spring of 1992. Clients experiencing migraine headaches found excellent, lasting relief in most cases and these gains were maintained following the termination of training. I began using audiovisual entrainment (AVE) devices with clients experiencing anxiety disorders around 1996 but was hesitant to introduce this technology to my clients with migraines due to the prevalence of photosensitivity in this population. Several of these clients became aware that I was using these devices with other clients and requested the opportunity to use AVE for their headaches. Following the introduction of AVE technology, the need for other home practice interventions was virtually eliminated. Home training with AVE devices appeared to replace relaxation skills training and other behavioral adjustments. Clients no longer had to monitor dietary intake of potential triggering substances and more importantly clients found that the use of an AVE device at the beginning of a migraine episode would almost always abort that episode within 15 to 20 minutes. My preferred AVE device has been the DAVID due to the excellent quality and flexibility of this device and the Omniscreen eyesets. That flexibility allows each client to self select training protocols that most effectively meet his or her individual needs while also controlling light and sound intensity which is so important with photo and auditory sensitive individuals. The standard intervention for clients with migraine symptoms now includes weekly neurofeedback sessions combined with daily home practice with an AVE device. Clients are instructed to begin with a 15 minute session of 10 Hz stimulation for the first two or three sessions and then to self select sessions with target frequencies below 10 Hz. Most clients tend to select sessions with target frequencies between 6 and 9 Hz. Approximately 10% of clients with migraine symptoms find they are unable to utilize an AVE device and proceed with twice-weekly neurofeedback sessions and the more traditional home relaxation training exercises. Most clients report significant decreases in migraine frequency, intensity and duration following the combination of neurofeedback training and audiovisual entrainment. Many clients even report the complete cessation of all migraine activity. Clients who do find AVE devices to be beneficial almost universally purchase the devices and continue to use them on a PRN basis. Most report that this is the only intervention they need to abort the occasional migraine episodes that continue to occur."

    - John Anderson, Minnesota Neurofeedback

    "I love this product (DAVID). I am so happy to have found this but very sad that it took me 71 years to find it. I tell you that I can't be happier. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."

    - A.S.

    "I’ve always been a go, go, go kind of guy. I am a typical Type-A personality, and pretty 'wound up' most of the time. I’ve had stomach problems for a number of years, and then I started having a real big problem with heartburn. I was starting to have the kind of heartburn that was stubborn and wouldn’t go away all that easily. It was so bad one day that after 2 hours of suffering I finally went to the emergency room. The doctors there put me through all kinds of tests, etc. and could not find anything wrong. They sent me home with the usual shoulder shrugs and some sort of 'cocktail' of antacids. My family suggested using a DAVID to help me. I am very skeptical of this kind of stuff. I’m almost 75 years old so I’ve seen a lot of gimmicks and slick sales campaigns that promise the world and deliver nothing (or close to it). So, let’s just say I had my doubts that this machine was going to help me. I ran my first session and had instant relief from my pain. I have had absolutely no stomach pains since that first session. It was just like a miracle, really. I use my DAVID at least two times a day, morning and night, and sometimes I can squeeze in an afternoon session too. I am a firm believer now, and have since suggested it to many of my family members and they have had amazing results for themselves as well. I am so thankful for my DAVID, and I never go anywhere without it."

    - Dave Thornton